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Spotlight on: Cathy Lockerbie-Forrester

Dietitian & Manager of Support Services Annapolis Royal Nursing Home

Cathy has been a dietitian for 27 years working in a variety of roles including clinical, private practice, education and management. She obtained her degree from StFX and completed a graduate internship at the Brantford General Hospital. She started working at the Annapolis Royal Nursing Home 20 years ago as a clinical consultant. This role evolved over the years and she now manage Support Services as well. She has also worked and volunteered with NSDA for many years in a variety of roles including Registrar and with the Continuing Competence Committee. She has chaired the NS Food & Environmental Service Workers Course Advisory Committee and is currently the Zone 1 representative for the NS Dietitians’ Continuing Care Action Group. Cathy lives in the beautiful Annapolis Valley with her husband, two sons, their dog and cat. Whether its camping, hiking, swimming, soccer, science experiments in the kitchen or enjoying a movie together, spending time with her family is her favourite thing to do.

What do you look forward to each day in your job?

Working in Long Term Care gives me the opportunity to get to know the residents. The nursing home is their home and we strive hard to keep it a home-like environment where families and pets are welcome. Doing both the clinical and support services management means I can follow through to determine if the nutritional care plan is working or if further changes are needed. Priorities often change when juggling several departments, mentoring interns, and trying to keep the residents happy but it makes life interesting. My husband thinks I have way too much fun at work.

What is your family’s favourite food?

Pancakes are on my boys breakfast menu almost every day – one with blueberries in them and lots of fruit on the side and the other plain with maple syrup. It is their absolute favourite!

What is your next big goal or project?

I am excited about the implementation phrase of IDDSI. Dysphagia management and texture-modified diets are always a challenge and these days we have more people who need modifications than not. A group of dietitians in Zone 4 has developed a draft quick reference tool called Guidelines for Texture Modified Diets in Long Term Care to help those serving and preparing meals. The NS Dietitians Continuing Care Action Group is hoping to put together another great education day with this in mind.

If you weren’t a dietitian, what would you be?

If I weren’t a dietitian I think I’d like to be an interior decorator. I love to paint, do DIY projects and have quite enjoyed the odd time I have gotten to do some decorating at the nursing home.



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