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Cumberland & Colchester

Are you in search of counselling services or advice from a Registered Dietitian?

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Jennifer Ferguson, RD
Private Practice and Co-owner of Kitchen Table Nutrition Communications
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** Accepting New Clients! **

Private Practice:

FB @jenniferfergusonregistereddietitian

Instagram: @inmydietitianskitchen

Kitchen Table Nutrition Communications:

FB/Instagram @kitchentablerd

Jennifer is a passionate culinary dietitian with a love of local agriculture. She grew up on a hog farm and now lives on a small rural property where she has a vegetable garden, as well as a few chickens and pigs. She collects cookbooks and loves exploring all types of cuisine. A perfect day for Jenn is spent in her kitchen preparing, sharing and enjoying food with family and friends. 

Jennifer believes food is an invaluable part of our health, our families and our communities. And that food traditions should be savoured and shared. She'd love to learn about your food traditions.

The best part of being a dietitian is being able to combine her love of nutrition and food to help people eat for their health and enjoy every bite. Through her work in private nutrition counselling or providing nutrition content for businesses, Jennifer offers a variety of ways for individuals or groups to rediscover the joy of eating.  She'll work with you to create practical food solutions that are simple, delicious and right for you.

Eating the "right" way is different for everyone. Jennifer will help you find the way that works for you.


  • Adult Nutrition

  • Food Preparation

  • Healthy Eating

  • Media (Writing, Radio, TV, Blog)

Sarah Cormier, PDt
Professional Dietitian, Chronic Disease Management, Colchester East Hants Health Center
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Sarah has been practicing as a Dietitian in Truro since 2007. She completed my Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition at St. FX University and proceeded to complete an Integrated Dietetic Internship. Her current role mainly includes nutrition counseling for individuals living with diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity across the lifespan; however, she also see clients for various other conditions requiring nutrition intervention. What Sarah enjoys most about her career is helping others make healthy eating less complicated! Sarah loves not only helping people learn to enjoy foods that can improve their health, but also, how all foods can fit into a healthful way of eating.



  • Weight Management

  • Diabetes

  • Adult Nutrition

  • Heart Health

Heather Lang, RD
Private Practice and Clinical Dietitian
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** Accepting New Clients! **


In May, 2005, Heather received a Bachelor of Science from Saint Mary's University with a Major in Biology and a Minor in Psychology. She then continued her studies at Mount Saint Vincent University, where she completed a Bachelor of Science in Applied Human Nutrition (with integrated internship). Since 2009, Heather has worked part-time as a Clinical Dietitian with the Cumberland Health Authority.  In 2010 she opened her private practice “Healthy Bites Nutrition” in Truro, where she provides individual and group nutrition education to community members.  Heather’s goal is to help people live healthy “one bite at a time”.



  • Corporate Wellness

  • Community Nutrition

  • Healthy Eating

  • Nutrition Workshops

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