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Does your health insurance cover a Dietitian?

Health plans cover a number of different services. Check to see if yours covers a Dietitian or Nutrition Services! 



R U Covered?


An Infographic: Employee Health

This infographic, launched in March 2015 along with numberous resources, was developed as part of the employee health insurance campaign spearheaded by the Consulting Dietitians Network (CDN) - a group of over 300 registered dietitians (RD) in private practice across Canada (including Nova Scotia dietitians) with the support of Dietitians of Canada and in colaboration with the BC Local Action Group who have the same mission - “to ensure that more Canadians with employee health insurance have dietitian coverage.” 


For complete information and to access more resources please visit Dietitians of Canada's page about Dietitians & Employee Health.

Download the infograpic

"Working with dietitians can....

reduce health care costs."

reduce health-realated lost productivity."

reduce employee sick time."

decrease disability days."


Read more reasons why dietitians should be part of your employee health insurance plan.

Credit:  Dietitians of Canada

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