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Spotlight on: Jackie Spiers, MSc, RD

Regional Executive Director for the Atlantic Provinces, Dietitians of Canada


In the past, Jackie has worked as a clinical dietitian at the IWK, as a Public Health Nutritionist, and as a lecturer at Mount Saint Vincent University. Jackie’s current position as Regional Executive Director with Dietitians of Canada, allows her to work with dietitians from across the Atlantic Provinces to promote the profession and advocate for advancing health through food and nutrition. She enjoys facilitating opportunities for networking, working together, and mentoring and hopes that through this, we will strengthen our profession together! Jackie completed a BSc at St FX, a dietetic internship at the Toronto Hospital, and an MSc at MSVU. She has a two-year old daughter, Ella, who brings her much joy.


In the past year, what have you learned most from your current job?

I have been in this position for one year now, and this has had a huge learning curve! I have learned about the many advocacy projects Dietitians of Canada is engaged in and through this, I have met many wonderful Dietitians across the Atlantic Provinces. These experiences have reminded me of what great leaders dietitians are and how passionate we are about the work we do.


What do you look forward to in your job?

There is so much to look forward to in this job – I love that I have the opportunity to learn and build new skills all the time! A few highlights that I’m looking forward to this upcoming year include: Working with and advocating for Continuing Care Dietitians to be part of Home Care Services for Nova Scotians, and for Consulting Dietitians’ services to be included in more NS health insurance plans; Dietitians of Canada Conference in Winnipeg this June; and coordinating a learning session in Halifax with Shelley Case, RD about gluten-free diets and Celiac disease in October.


What is the best adventure you’ve been on?

I love traveling and a few of the places I have had the chance to visit are Africa, Australia, Thailand and Costa Rica. Most recently I travelled to China, which was a real adventure. 

What is the most interesting food/meal you have had?

When I travel I take the opportunity to taste and experience local food and meals, especially visiting local markets. The most interesting experience was in Thailand where I visited a local market to buy ingredients for a cooking class, returned to the school to cook and then enjoyed the meals we made as a group of students from around the world!


Nutrition Month is here…what is your message for Nova Scotian dietitians?

During the month of March and especially on National Dieitians Day (March 16th), take the opportunity to pause and reflect on what a great profession you are a part of and the many opportunities we have for supporting a healthy environment!


The Atlantic Provinces are in the lead again on the Canada Activity Map!! Don’t forget to add yours & encourage your colleagues to do the same!


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