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Introducing Lisa DeWolf


Cape Breton - Outpatient Diabetes Educator & Long Term Care Dietitian

I have worked as an outpatient and inpatient dietitian in rural hospitals, community health clinics and long term care facilities since 1992. Currently I am employed by St Anne Community and Nursing Care Centre as an outpatient diabetes educator. I also provide nutrition care for the residents of our long term care facility. I have been a certified diabetes educator since 1997 and am also certified to provide basic insulin adjustment.


It is always a pleasure to present nutrition topics to community groups and to participate in diabetes screening/ blood pressure awareness programs. I always attempt to make nutrition education messages easy to understand, enjoyable and relevant. I had no idea that the career path I embarked on as a teenager would turn out to be so rewarding on so many levels - personally and professionally. I feel very blessed to be working in the same communities where I grew up - on beautiful Cape Breton Island.


My favourite Nova Scotia Food: Seafood of course!! Especially lobster. My husband prepares it to perfection and I provide the side dishes to complete the meal.


How I unwind when I’m not working: Exercise of some kind, such as walking, jogging, fitness classes, or yoga. I also love to garden (flowers, herbs and vegetables), cook, read, and sew. Working part time enables me to do all these things. I believe balance in life is so important.


The one tip I live by: Work a little, play a little and love in abundance.


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