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Non-alcoholic craft beer coming to Costco

Planning to do a ‘dry January’ after the Christmas holiday? Now you can still enjoy the taste of craft beer, without the alcohol. Costcos in Atlantic Canada will start carrying non-alcoholic craft beers under the brand name Libra in early January. Read more here.

Eat, drink and dance

Looking for a fun night out with delicious foods and good music? Why not check out Crave! Tickets on sale now. See details here.

Diet trends review 2022

Welcome 2023! Every year there are new diets coming out and old diets resurfacing. Here are the best and worst diets of 2022.

Can you guess what they are? Which diets do you want to see left in the dust of 2022?


Food prices are expected to continue to rise in 2023

“Canada’s Food Price Report 2023 predicts families will spend up to $1,065 more on food next year”, which is about a 5-7% increase from 2022. In contrast, 2022 saw the highest rate of food inflation since the 1980s - a 10.3% average rise in the cost of food. What’s more, is that 23% of Canadians report they eat less than they should, due to the unaffordability of food. It’s gotten bad enough for the creation of a new term “greedflation”, where companies take advantage of the inflation rates to profit off of customers who have limited choice of purchase. Foods that will be affected the most in 2023 include: vegetables, dairy and meat. Read more here, including a link in the article to the full report.


More local food coming to Northwood Halifax

The Halifax campus of Northwood will receive a $25,000 incentive to switch from imported food to local foods. The government’s goal is that, by 2030, 20% of all money spent on food by Nova Scotians is local food products. Read more about this exciting project here.

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