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Spotlight on:

Alana Barry, RD, CDE

Alana is a dietitian from Bridgewater who wears many hats! She currently works in Nova Scotia Health Primary Health Care as a Health Services Lead. In this role, she is responsible for the daily management of local collaborative practices and chronic disease management teams and all that encompasses (program planning, implementation of access services for unattached patients, onboarding new family physicians, staffing, building operations, etc.). 

Because of her love for working with individuals, she also manages her own private practice at 902 Therapy in Bridgewater. She sees clients for a variety of reasons, including body image and body connection, IBS, menopause, PCOS, diabetes management, and sports nutrition. She loves connecting with people and witnessing individuals find peace and connection to their bodies. 

To top it off, Alana also works at a residential care facility locally where she provides nutrition screening, intervention and education for residents. Working as a dietitian is always something she has been proud to do. Her goal has always been to spread the message that food should be fun and not stressful and that healthy food can also taste delicious!

In her spare time, Alana loves to garden, read, move her body, cook, and spend time with her dog Winnie. In the summer, you'll probably find her back at her family cabin near the water with a good book in hand, throwing a ball into the lake for Ms. Winnie :). 

If you weren't a dietitian what would you be? 

I would've probably gone into teaching. I love kids and enjoy breaking down complex topics. I think seeing "aha" moments in the classroom would bring me a lot of happiness too!

Where is your favourite place to find new recipes?

I'm a Pinterest gal! I could spend hours on Pinterest looking up delicious recipes.. and I swear, you could search the weirdest combination of foods and there is a recipe on there for it! 

Where is your favourite place to eat in Nova Scotia?

The Flying Apron Cookery in Summerville! Their ingredients are fresh and locally sourced, and absolutely delicious! Not to mention, their desserts alone are worth the drive from Bridgewater!

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