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As the food and nutrition experts, dietitians are passionate about improving the health of Nova Scotians. Spotlight on is one way that DNNS showcases the talented dietitians in our province and the many ways they are working to improve the wellbeing of their communities. 


To read about more dietitians in Nova Scotia please see the Find NS Dietitians page.

Spotlight on:

Terri Rutledge, PDt, MSc

Mental Wellness Dietitian & Owner of The Daily Grind Nutrition

Terri is a Registered Dietitian who serves communities across the province through her virtual private practice, The Daily Grind Nutrition. She specializes in nutrition therapy for brain health and mental wellness and specifically works with women living with anxiety and depression. Through her practice, she teaches women how to manage their symptoms with food and lifestyle modifications, so they can reclaim their joy and embrace their 'daily grind' with calm and confidence.


After more than a decade of studying and working in the field of nutrition, Terri established a fascination with the various ways food can impact the human body, including the gut-brain interrelationship. Using an evidence-based and holistic approach, Terri meets her clients where they are in their mental wellness journey and guides them in the discovery of their personal food-mood connection. She works with her clients to establish a course of action that will both improve their symptoms and work with their lifestyle while supporting them every step of the way.


Terri believes that good mental health is a journey, not a destination. However, having the right tools, resources, and supports for that journey makes the trip much more enjoyable.

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