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Spotlight on:

Angela Beare, PDt/RD

Owner & Sports Dietitian at Performance Nutrition Canada

Angela is the owner of Performance Nutrition Canada. She counsels individuals and teams to success through nutrition. She is fascinated by the amazing feats of the human body and the science behind them. As a true life-long learner, she loves to study, learn, and teach. She helps her clients understand the physiology of sports nutrition and make it work for them.


Angela is a bilingual nutritionist and registered dietitian. She lives in Nova Scotia and is licensed in Nova Scotia and Ontario. She earned her Bachelor in Nutrition Sciences in 2013, from the University of Ottawa. Beyond sports nutrition, Angela also has career experience in public health and home care dietetics. In 2022, she graduated from the International Olympic Committee’s Diploma in Sports Nutrition, where she learned from the world’s leading experts in sports dietetics. Sports nutrition is her main focus.


What do you love most about your job?

I love to inspire and empower athletes to reach and surpass their goals. It is amazing to help open up someone's eyes to new possibilities. I love to watch them take their sport/activity to the next level by properly fueling their body. 


What one food is always in your fridge?

Yogourt! It's such a versatile food. It's great on its own as well as in smoothies, desserts, dips, and more!


What is the best adventure you've been on?

The best adventure I have been on is motherhood. The adventure started in 2014 and, with four little ones now, motherhood presents new and exciting challenges every day. And what's a grand adventure without an awesome teammate? A little shout-out to my amazing husband, who is with me at each crazy turn. This adventure has given me a special love for mama-athletes. I love to help those who are returning to sports and activities postpartum and later on in motherhood. I have special programs and resources geared towards mama-athletes, who are - as I like to say - The Real MVPs!

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