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Spotlight on: Rebecca Robar, RD  

Registered Dietitian, Atlantic Superstore Lower Sackville, Elmsdale and Windsor


Rebecca’s original plan of pursuing physiotherapy quickly changed after a youth leadership excursion to Kenya, where Rebecca witnessed the profound impact of malnutrition. Upon her return, she applied to the Nutrition and Dietetics program at Acadia, completing her degree and integrated internship in 2014.    

She has been working with Atlantic Superstore since 2015, starting her retail adventure in New Glasgow/Truro/Antigonish/Port Hawkesbury, followed by a year at the Bridgewater/Liverpool/Yarmouth locations, then settling into her current stores. She supports the health and wellness of her communities through individual consultations, group education, store tours, and more recently virtual care.


What's your favourite place to be in Nova Scotia? 

Once a year, my husband and I book a camping weekend at Keji National Park. It’s so peaceful being in the woods, and we love to disconnect and take in the trails, kayaking, and campfires.


What one food is always in your fridge?

Yogurt. Greek yogurt to be more specific! My husband and I’s go-to breakfast is a parfait with berries and granola, plus I use yogurt in homemade dressings, dips, smoothies, baking… it’s a must in my fridge.


What do you look forward to each day in your job?

That no day is ever the same! I love that I wear many hats in my role. One day could be all individual consultations, another could be a nutrition workshop and store tour with youth… it’s ever-changing and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


What is one tip you can share for future dietitians?

Be curious. As interns or new dietitians, sometimes we feel the need to “know it all”. It’s ok (and encouraged) to ask questions! A career in dietetics is a journey, where you will continue to grow and learn as you go.

Finish the sentence: "I feel healthiest when..."

… I take a moment to breathe! I tend to keep myself quite busy and tend to put self-care on the backburner until the to-do list is “done”. This is a work in progress, but I know when I take time in my day to do some deep breathing, go for a walk or run with my dogs, take a bath etc., I feel refreshed and revitalized.

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