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Spotlight on:

Angela Ward, BSc, RD, PTS

Long Term Care & Residential Care Dietitian and Owner of The Fit & Frugal Dietitian


Angela completed her studies at STFX University in 2011 and completed her dietetic internship with Eastern Health in St. John’s, Newfoundland. Angela currently works as a registered dietitian in both LTC and adult residential care. Her two positions are very fulfilling and both very different; in LTC her major roles focus on optimizing resident nutrition and hydration status as well as dysphagia management. Her responsibilities in adult residential care continue to mimic those of her LTC site but she has had new extensive responsibilities surrounding enhancement of mealtime environment, meal quality, recipe development as well as client and staff program development including food committees, wellness clinics, walking programs and chair fitness classes.

In the Summer of 2016, Angela switched gears from working in diabetes education to moving to Bermuda where she worked for two years as a clinical dietitian at King Edward Memorial Hospital. Primarily working on the stroke unit, as well as rotations in both med/surg and ICU, Angela was able to enhance her knowledge of the brain, terminology, feeding techniques, swallow assessment techniques and compensatory strategies as well as teaching/educating strategies for the many patients dealing with visual and verbal deficits as well as many whom spoke minimal English.

After moving back to Nova Scotia in 2018, Angela decided to obtain credentials to be a group fitness instructor, Zumba instructor and certified personal trainer. She then decided the best action would be to marry her love for nutrition and fitness and open her own private practice. With the help from her spouse as well as winning a business expansion award through CBDC, she renovated and opened an office space and fitness studio in her rural community.

Angela is the owner of The Fit & Frugal Dietitian, a company offering nutrition counselling and consulting for chronic disease management, general healthy eating and eating well for active living and sport, all while balancing a budget. She also provides group fitness in the summer months for both corporate and community groups and provides one-on-one personal training year-round.


If you weren’t a dietitian, what would you be?

If you asked me this before I started my dietetics degree the answer would have been a mechanic! My love and passion for cars started when I was just young as my grandparents owned a busy mechanic and towing company. Almost every weekend you could have found me out wandering the garage and car impound lot. Now, since working as a dietitian, I probably would say a pharmacist. From working in acute care to diabetes management to those in residential care with physical and mental disabilities I’ve learned so much about medications, interactions, side effects, methods of administration etc. that I feel like it would be an extremely interesting and ever-changing career.


What is the best adventure you’ve been on?

It would have to be when I decided to move to a different country for work. In the summer of 2016, I quit my job as a diabetes educator, sold my truck and most of my belonging and moved to Bermuda by myself to work as a dietitian in acute care. This was the most amazing opportunity for me, it was my first experience working as a dietitian in acute care as well on a designated Stroke Unit. I was able to connect and work with dietitians from all over the world, got to live with other health professionals from other countries and experience their traditional foods and ways of cooking as well developed lifelong friends and colleagues. During my two years in Bermuda, I got my first experience of playing netball, rugby and got to enjoy playing beach volleyball alongside national-level athletes.


What is one tip you can share for future dietitians?

Put yourself out there! Make as many connections with people as you can, whether professionals, neighbours, community members, your social media following etc. Networking is huge and will enrich and enhance your knowledge and practice like no other. Don’t be fearful to ask questions or to take a risk, there is so much opportunity in so many different avenues of dietetics – the world is your oyster!

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