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Spotlight on:

Hannah Magee, RD

Media and Consulting Dietitian


Hannah Magee is a media and consulting dietitian from Bedford, NS. In her role, Hannah works in digital and broadcast media sharing recipes and nutrition tips on social media, her food & nutrition blog, and as a regular guest on Global News Halifax/New Brunswick. Hannah also runs a private nutrition coaching practice and works with various organizations doing nutrition workshops and seminars. Hannah is eager to share evidence-based nutrition information and clear up the confusion about health and nutrition online. Her goal is to help her community foster positive relationships with food and discover habits that make them feel their best.

What is your favourite Nova Scotia food?

My favourite Maritime or Nova Scotia food is a good Lobster Roll! I can’t think of anything better to enjoy outside in the sunshine (preferably after a day at the beach) on a Nova Scotia summer day.


What is one tip you could share with future/current dietitians?

Try not to take yourself too seriously. When I first became a dietitian, I felt that I needed to present a very serious, very professional persona in the media and on my various online platforms. I’ve since realized that my community resonates with my messaging and relates to me much better when I’m relaxed, laid back, and letting my true humorous self shine through!


What adventure do you dream of doing?

Visiting the Amalfi Coast in Italy. I dream of experiencing the beautiful scenery, beaches, and all of the delicious Italian food. My fiancé and I plan on travelling there for our honeymoon next year!


Finish the sentence: “I feel healthiest when…”

I am prioritizing my mental health and well-being just as much as my physical health and well-being.

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