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Spotlight on: Edwena Kennedy, P.Dt., 

Maternal and Family Nutrition Counselling and Consulting


Edwena Kennedy is a Private Practice Registered Dietitian who specializes in pediatric and maternal nutrition.  Her mission is to empower mothers with practical and effective nutrition solutions through the various feeding stages. As a mother of two young boys, Edwena understands the worry mothers have when faced with infant and child feeding issues. She uses evidence-based strategies combining them with strategies that work from her own experience and from many of her client’s successes. She implements creative programming and step-by-step solutions when working with each family to help make mealtimes a happy place to explore and nourish. Edwena currently offers online courses as well as in-person workshops on introducing solids and baby led weaning, feeding toddlers, picky eating and family meal planning.  Edwena is a graduate from MSVU with a Bachelor of Science in Applied Human Nutrition (Dietetics). She also holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Dalhousie University in Neuroscience. She is also actively involved in a DC local action group to increase access to dietitian’s services.


What amazes you the most about your career choice as a dietitian?

I'm amazed everyday by the many directions and areas that a dietitian can go in. At first, I wanted to be in an institutional food service position, then I moved into sales and business, then a counselling and community practice, and now I'm moving in to an online business world. It’s so thrilling to know that I can participate and work in all of these areas at any time in my life and not be restricted to one type of role!


What one food is always in your pantry? 

Tuna! I always go for a can of tuna on it's own, in a sandwich, on crackers or over a salad when I need to eat something in a pinch. 


What do you love most about your job?

It's stressful, but it's fun, to work in my own practice. I love that I can be so creative in running a business of my own! It's so refreshing to know that I have endless room to grow my business every day, and that there is always something to learn.


How do you unwind when you're not working?

A short workout and family time always does the trick for me. 


What is your next big goal?

I am fascinated with the online world of marketing and providing education and support to the masses! I am currently working towards moving my courses online and have a dream of reaching households across the world to make family feeding education accessible and part of every family's lives. 


What is ONE piece of advice you can share with future RDs?

My advice is to try many different roles and positions, and always ask LOTS of questions! Shadow people, collaborate and network with people from other industries and professions. Learn from these opportunities, then put your RD hat on and see how you can help evolve and improve our profession, or your individual role at work. Because we always have room to improve in this field. Keep yourself relevant with the times and challenge old practices. Finally - know your worth as an RD! 


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