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Spotlight on: Avery Tremblett, RD 

Registered Dietitian - Sobeys Sydney, NS


Avery is a Registered Dietitian in Sydney, Nova Scotia, having completed his undergrad and integrated dietetic internship with St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish in 2017 and 2018 respectively. He is happy to now be working in his home area of Sydney in Cape Breton.


Hired in 2019 as a dietitian with Sobeys, Avery offers individual consultations, group workshops and grocery store tours. He loves the opportunity to support clients from the times they are meal planning or grocery shopping to when they are preparing and enjoying their food. He does this while considering their individual preferences or challenges, helping others reflect on how to make a healthy choice that fits with the various aspects of their lifestyle.


Avery’s favourite part about his role as a dietitian is that he can take part in so many community-related health initiatives. From local cardiac rehabilitation programs, family nutrition, or even workplace wellness – he is able to reach many people with messages and support surrounding nutrition and well-being. He recognizes and enjoys how large of a role food plays in his own Cape Breton traditions, and looks to help others build a positive relationship with food. It is always in his mind that his community is the one he grew up in, and that he is contributing to its well-being in his role as a dietitian.

When not working, Avery is always trying a new recipe, craft project or hobby. He believes that creating something with our own hands - whether it be a balanced meal or something else -  reinforces our self-efficacy and confidence to make change.


What is one food is always in your fridge/pantry/freezer?

Something I always have on hand is either canned or frozen vegetables and fruits. I can worry less about them since they don’t spoil as fast as fresh varieties, and this way I always have different options on hand. When I am getting home with not much time to spare for making supper they are also a great help – half my plate is already taken care of!


What do you love most about your job?

What I love most about my job is the hands-on aspect. Many clients understand nutrition information when we discuss it together in-person, but then have trouble translating the recommendations into their daily lives when they prepare and enjoy their meals. 


At Sobeys, I really get to focus on the food and what the client can do with their food choices to improve their well-being and satisfaction. Showing people how to shop, cook and enjoy food in a mindful way allows helps clients gain confidence, and let go of the stress or worry when it comes to nutrition and their food choices.


Finish the sentence: "I feel healthiest when..."

I feel healthiest when I eat consistent meals each day and get a good night’s sleep. These two habits keep my energy levels steady throughout the day and allow me to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go.


If I ever get off track with these habits, I feel it right away in both my mood and energy. This always prompts me to reflect on what I am doing, and how I can make changes to improve how I’m feeling.

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