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Introducing: Chris Stothart, RD

Project Coordinator, Food Action Research Centre


Chris currently coordinates the Voices for Food Security in Nova Scotia project at FoodARC ( in Halifax and will be pursuing a Masters of Public Health this fall.  



Where is your favorite food place in Nova Scotia?


My absolute favourite food place in Nova Scotia is Wolfville and surrounding area; it truly is the food hub of Nova Scotia.  The markets, orchards, coffee shops, vineyards, and people really create a wonderful atmosphere reminiscent of a European countryside. We are lucky to have such a stunning place right in our own backyard.    


Finish the sentence: “I feel happiest when…”


I feel happiest when I’m hosting dinner parties with friends and family. It really is a wonderful way to connect after a busy week, stay in tune with each other’s’ lives, and it’s always fun discovering new flavours and recipes with passionate foodies.


What is your next big goal or project?


My next big goal is to complete a Masters of Public Health at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland.  This has been both a personal and professional goal of mine for a while and I am so excited to see it coming to fruition. I look forward to seeing where this path takes me.


What is your favorite way to unwind?


My favourite way to unwind is on the water. Whether sailing, rowing, kayaking, or even sitting on a dock, there is something so captivating about the ocean.  I guess I’m a true Maritimer, as I could never live too far from the water. 


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