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Spotlight on: Terry Daley, RD 

Registered Dietitian, Atlantic Superstore


Terry is the in-store Dietitian for Atlantic Superstore in Truro, New Glasgow, Antigonish and Port Hawkesbury. Like many of her colleagues, she has a great love for food. As an avid baker and home cook, she thoroughly enjoys experimenting with new recipes to create meals and snacks that are both nutritious and delicious. She values finding a balance between healthy choices, tasty treats and busy everyday life and she is eager to help you find the balance in yours.



What one food is always in your fridge/freezer/pantry?

Berries. Can’t get enough of them! We eat them as they are, on yogurt or baked into muffins, etc. There is always some in both the fridge and freezer in my house.


Who is your strongest supporter? 

My husband. He is always there to talk things through, think rationally and boost me up if I need it! He questions me on everything nutrition-related; which keeps me on my toes and keeps us all learning every single day. And he always is encouraging me to have a project or some sort of learning opportunity on the go to further my career and/or further my education and knowledge.


What is your next big goal or project? 

I am currently doing a lot of reading and research on intuitive eating, healthy at any size and the non-diet approach to my nutrition counselling. I’ve never really believed that diets for weight loss were the answer to our population health issues and now have found an effective way to counsel people that aligns with those beliefs more so than what I had been doing in the past.


What is the biggest challenge you have faced in your career? 

In general, a daily challenge in this career is dealing with nutrition misinformation. It’s difficult to teach people who have bought into “miracles” or get caught up in fear mongering information. They typically have their minds made up and even a nutrition professional, like myself, cannot easily change it. When they are spreading this misinformation on to other people who may be harmed by it, it is especially frustrating and the biggest hurdle in my career, by far.

What do you love most about your job?

Helping and teaching people! It is so satisfying and rewarding when I can take some of the stress and anxiety away from people when it comes to eating and food. Or when someone feels empowered and excited to make positive changes in their lives because of what I have taught or helped them with. It is the best part of the job for sure!


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