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Spotlight on:

Sam Firth, RD

Registered Dietitian at Nova Scotia Health and One to One Wellness


Hi, I'm Sam! I grew up in the Annapolis Valley here in Nova Scotia and received my nutrition degree from Acadia University. I stay busy by working as a clinical dietitian for Nova Scotia Health and One to One Wellness and as a dietetic technician in the milk room at IWK Health Centre.


I was inspired to become a dietitian when I became vegan over 5 years ago and learned more about food and how important it is to have a balanced diet. I aim to practice from a weight-inclusive, anti-diet approach and love helping clients improve their relationship with food. I also have a degree in psychology, so I am really enjoying learning more about nutrition counselling and the associations between nutrition and mental health.


In my spare time, you can find me at the climbing gym, out for a hike, or lounging with my cats Willow and Stevie and reading a good book. I've also been working on my gardening skills this year, but still have lots to learn!


I'm currently taking new clients at One to One Wellness, so if you know anyone who you think would benefit from seeing me, please send me an email at You can also follow me on Instagram at @bananasforplants or on Facebook at @samfirthrd!


If you weren't a dietitian, what would you be?


I think I would be a mycologist. I think fungi are so cool and would love to do field research on mushrooms and spend more time outdoors! I love reading and learning about fungi and I even have a toadstool tattoo. Someday I'd love to learn how to forage for edible mushrooms.

What adventure do you dream of doing?

I have a lot of big adventures on my bucket list, but my top adventure goal is to hike Mount Kilimanjaro. I love challenging hikes and this would definitely be the ultimate challenge!

What one food item is always in your fridge/pantry/freezer?

Nutritional yeast! As a vegan, I always make sure to keep this on hand as it's a great source of vitamin B12. It gives everything a cheesy taste and is great on popcorn, in salad dressings or in pasta dishes (though I add it to pretty much everything).

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