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Spotlight on: Kim MacKinnon, RD 

Dietitian at Nova Scotia Health Authority

After graduating from University College of Cape Breton (CBU) with a B.Sc. in Psychology, Kim decided to pursue a career change and headed to Mount Saint Vincent University, graduating in 2001 with her Bachelor of Science Applied Human Nutrition, IDI. Kim’s first job took her to Thompson, MB where she worked as a Regional Clinical Dietitian for a year before returning home to Cape Breton and has continued working in a clinical setting for Cape Breton Regional Health Authority, now Nova Scotia Health, for more than 20 years. Through her career, she has had the opportunity to work in many different roles, from Long Term Care to Diabetes, Oncology, Surgery and Critical Care. Kim transitioned to Nephrology in 2004, specializing in outpatient chronic kidney disease, including pre-renal, home dialysis and transplant.

What is your favourite place to find new recipes?

Like many dietitians I know, I have a large collection of cookbooks. It is at the point now that I really try to stop and think about whether I need a new cookbook before I buy (it doesn’t usually stop me). I also love getting tried and true recipes from colleagues or from a quick internet search when I’m stuck. But the cookbook addiction is real.


What do you love most about your job?

The first thing that comes to mind is the great team of dietitians we have here at CB Regional Hospital. It is nice to be able to work with a group of professionals that I also consider friends. I also enjoy participating in our Internship program and being part of the learning experience for future dietitians as they complete their clinical rotations with us. I enjoy the new and fresh perspectives they bring. I love the wide variety of career options for dietitians today. We are a skilled group of professionals that can really make our mark in any working environment.

What is your favourite way to unwind?

I definitely need exercise in my life to unwind and de-stress. I love the way I feel physically and mentally after a great work out, run or yoga session and feel so much better when I am active regularly. I can certainly tell if life gets in the way and I miss out on working out for any length of time. Exercise has been an important outlet over the last year or so of working and living through Covid.

Where is your favourite place to be in Nova Scotia?

Living in CB, we have picturesque scenery, delicious food, great beaches, lovely restaurants and pubs, most of my family is here, and we are never more than a stones throw away from the ocean, so my favourite place to be is right here in CB. Favourite things include relaxing on my deck with a coffee or adventuring on my SUP on a hot day. However, during the winter, I love to travel and get away from the cold. My husband I look forward to winter get-aways to warm destinations. Once we can travel again, we will be looking forward to our next adventure!

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