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Spotlight on: Evelena Beaton, RD 

PACE Wellness


Evelena completed her Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition at St. F.X University in 2002 and graduated from The Moncton Hospital Graduate Dietetic Internship program the following year. Since then she has worked as both an administrative and clinical dietitian in long term care supporting seniors nutritionally while helping to their ensure quality of life. Geriatrics holds a special place in her heart as she has learned many lessons over the years from the seniors in her life.


Growing up Evelena has always been passionate about fitness and started practicing yoga regularly in 2016. It became a huge part of her life and since has been certified to teach children’s yoga as well as chair yoga for seniors. This led to her starting her private practice, PACE Wellness, as a way to support people of all ages live their best life.


At PACE Wellness she is able to focus on each of her passions to serve her clients. She supports the nutritional well-being of seniors living at home in dealing with unintentional weight loss and dysphagia, two major concerns she has seen that often go unsupported until a senior moves into a long term care facility.


Her private practice allows her to combine her love of yoga with mindful nutrition to offer special workshops and camps for children. It also focuses on supporting client’s on their own wellness journey. Evelena believes mindset is key to lasting change and she supports her clients in changing their internal thoughts and beliefs around food, exercise and themselves in order to live their best life.


In 2018 Evelena ventured into ecommerce with her own empowered clothing. Her simple but special message to “be kind, be awesome, be you” is meant to empower women and children be their best self.


What do you love most about your job?

I love getting to know the seniors and hearing their stories. There’s a twinkle in their eye as they talk about their past, their children, the places they’ve been, the people they’ve met, and you are reminded how they were once as you are now. To live a life is a gift and the seniors I work with often remind me of this.


In my private practice I love helping people see that health and wellness is so much more than nutrition and exercise. When you see a client get that and start shifting towards a healthier mindset it’s truly rewarding.


Also, l love being able to share yoga and mindfulness with children. To watch their journey from the beginning of a class or program to the end is wonderful. I love seeing the children truly enjoy the meditation/relaxation part of the class and be content with just “being”.


What is the best adventure you’ve been on?

To celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary and our 40th birthday year my husband and I went to Italy with a stopover in Paris. It was a dream we had since we were dating and it truly exceeded all our expectations. We spent time in Rome, Cinque Terra and Tuscany seeing all the sights, hiking the most beautiful trails and of course enjoying some great wine!


What is one tip you could share with future dietitians?

It would have to be to follow your heart and be open to opportunities. The world of dietetics is ever changing and can be overwhelming trying to navigate your role and find your niche. Ask yourself what is it that you love to do, what’s easy for you to share with people and trust knowing if your focus is on those answers everything will fall into place as it should.

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