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Spotlight on: Coleen Nolan, RD

Private Practice Dietitian


Coleen owns Inner Peas Nutrition & Lifestyle counselling and works as a private practice dietitian in Halifax and is also a Certified Yoga Instructor.


Coleen completed her BSc (St. FX,’89), & MSc (McGill, ’92) in Nutrition.  Following internship in Calgary (’93), she worked in private practice (counselling, sessional instructor, U Calgary, community health) & industry (Abbott Ross) for several years, before moving back to Halifax.  She developed an expertise in the omega-3 industry (Ocean Nutrition Canada, 14 yrs).  During this time, she developed a keen interest in the area of mindfulness for overall health, combining her background as a yoga teacher with mindfulness and healthy eating.  She currently works with individuals and groups to help them achieve their best health.  


Recently, Coleen had the opportunity to work with the members of Team Myles, a group of new runners training to run the 5km or 10km race during the Blue Nose Marathon event, this past May.  Coleen said that it was an amazing experience to work with this group and see them progress with their fitness and yoga training.  Coleen supported them by providing recipes, tips and ideas for healthy eating to boost performance.


Where is your favorite food place in Nova Scotia?


Coleen:  The Seaport Farmers’ Market on the Halifax waterfront.  I try to make it a weekly ritual Saturday mornings, after a walk with the dog in the park.  It’s bustling with so many food producers and people enjoying their Saturday morning with good food and friends.   


What food is always in your refrigerator?


Coleen:  Eggs.  They are a wonderful base for building quick, easy, healthy meals, any time of the day.  


Finish the sentence:  "I feel healthy when..."


Coleen:  I start my day with a brisk walk in the woods with my dog, followed by some yoga and a healthy breakfast..


What adventure do you dream of doing?


Coleen:  I hope to do a cycling vacation somewhere in Europe in the next few years.

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