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Victoria, RD


Victoria will soon be welcoming clients in Pictou Nova Scotia at her equine facilitated wellness centre ‘It Takes the Herd, Ltd’, which is scheduled to open mid-summer 2022. Victoria has recently retired from the Canadian military where she had been a military food services officer and dietitian since 1991. Victoria has extensive experience in feeding nutritious meals to large numbers of hungry troops. She spent two years on deployment in Egypt where she was responsible for the feeding contract for over 2000 people. She has led food services organizations of various sizes and was the Director of Food Services for the Canadian Armed Forces just before her retirement. Victoria also has an extensive business background and has been a lecturer and assistant professor in three business schools – Mount Allison, Royal Military College and Sprott School of Business. She is recently undergoing another career pivot, is finishing up the last few courses of a graduate degree in counselling, and is excited to combine her love of food, healthy eating, horses and mental health in one business offering.


At It Takes the Herd, Ltd, programming will focus on overall wellness, mindfulness and mindful eating, reflection, grounding practices and being in nature. Individual and group sessions will be offered and both equine and traditional counselling will be available. Visit the It Takes the Herd team at to find out more and to watch for the grand opening announcement.

Where is your favourite place to find new recipes?

I have a few recipe books that have my family favourite recipes, but in terms of new recipes, I google them. I really like recipes that profile traditional Canadian tastes – seafood, cheese, maple – especially when those recipes provide a new twist to old favourites. 


Where is your favourite place to be?

I love to be in my barn, hanging out with my horses, or walking along the beaches of Pictou County, watching my dogs swim. Being in nature grounds me. The longer I’m outside, the better I feel.


Finish the sentence: "I feel happiest when…"

I am surrounded by people I love.

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