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Spotlight on: Dietitians Network of Nova Scotia Core Committee 

January 2021 (Updated March 2021)

This month our ‘Spotlight’ is on the volunteers that work behind the scenes for the Dietitians Network of Nova Scotia. DNNS began over ten years ago with two dietitians meeting over coffee has since grown to a network of over 200 members. The core committee of the network has been busy! 

We have an amazing newsletter, a website that is alive with current news, delicious recipes and informative dietitian profiles, e-mails from the public are answered, we organize networking events for dietitians and dietitians-to-be, and we connect with Nova Scotia dietitians on our Facebook group!


Together we can build a stronger profession and help Nova Scotians have access to reliable, evidence- based nutrition.


Wishing you a happy and healthy 2021!


Your DNNS Core Committee

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Courtney Henry, RD


Core Committee Role: Co-Chair

Courtney has been the co-chair of the network for the last 3 years. She has enjoyed collaborating with inspiring and knowledgeable dietitians.

Role in the Dietetic Field:

Courtney started working as a dietitian in 2017, where she took her first role with Atlantic Superstore as an in-store dietitian covering a maternity leave. Since 2018, she has been working as the Diabetes Community Advisor for The Confederacy of Mainland Mi’kmaq, a position she finds extremely rewarding as she works in 8 Mi’kmaq communities across NS.


What you might not know about Courtney:

She recently became a mom to a beautiful little girl! With the little spare time that she has, she loves being outdoors, spending time at home with family and dog Dexter or looking for fun Pinterest projects and DIY’s.


Rebecca Robar, RD


Core Committee Role: Co-Chair

Rebecca was previously co-managing the DNNS website and communications, and has recently stepped into the role of Co-Chair! If you’ve made inquiries to the network email lately, it’s very possible Rebecca was the one answering on the other end.

Role in the Dietetic Field:

Rebecca’s dietitian career thus far has centered around her current role with Loblaw, 5.5 years and counting! And within those five years she has had the pleasure of working in 10 different communities across Nova Scotia.


What you might not know about Rebecca:

You’re likely to find Rebecca running, spending time at home with her dogs (and now chickens!), baking up a storm or starting a crafty/reno project.

Edie Shaw-Ewald, RD


Core Committee Role: Co-Manager of Recipes

Edie is proud to say that she is one of the co-founders of this network and was co-chair for many years.  Edie and Luke Corey, RD  got together in a café about 12 years ago to discuss how to unite Nova Scotia dietitians and create more awareness of dietitians among Nova Scotians and the Dietitian Network of Nova Scotia was born!

Role in the Dietetic Field:

As a dietitian Edie's career has taken her from being the “only dietitian in town” at a community hospital in Belfast, Maine, to a large chronic care / rehab hospital in London, Ontario. Then back home to Nova Scotia, to work in a fitness center as a personal trainer / dietitian, then to private practice in two medical clinics and writing for an international magazine. Edie came to her current position as a Loblaw dietitian almost 7 years ago.


What you might not know about Edie:

When Edie moved back to Nova Scotia she brought 3 new bluenosers with her: her husband and two sons. She loves to swim in the ocean with her dog, Bella – in fact, Edie tries to get into the water in May and keeps swimming almost every day into the fall. This year she swam in early November – no wetsuit! It was beautiful!


Diana Dibblee, RD, MEd


Core Committee Role: Co-Manager of Recipes

Diana has been supporting the DNNS for many years in other roles like Eat, Read, Learn and social media management.

Role in the Dietetic Field:

Diana started her dietetic career a bit late, in Community Dietetics.  She worked for many years on the local School Board’s Health Promotion Team, leading a group of healthy living leaders (4 dietitians) in supporting students and staff.  Her role included implementing the School Food and Nutrition Policy, all Breakfast Programs, School Gardens, Healthy Living events and the Health curricula.  Currently, she supports healthy living and food and nutrition activities in her school community and is involved as a volunteer in health-related organizations such as the Young Naturalists Club. She loves to try fun, new recipes, foods and write about these on a daily basis on @dibbsondining. 


What you might not know about Diana:

Diana has a new puppy, River, and a young daughter that keeps her on her toes every day! She is very active and enjoys time outside hiking, biking, kayaking, running, or doing yoga. She also loves to travel, read and listen to live music.

Coleen Nolan, RD, MSc


Core Committee Role: Manager of Eat Read Learn; Secretary

Coleen has been supporting DNNS in various ways for many years, and lately has been managing the monthly Eat Read Learn blog posts.

Role in the Dietetic Field:

Coleen has worked as a dietitian in both the dietary ingredient/ supplement business, and in health and wellness counselling for over 25 years. She continues to lead groups in mindful eating and yoga. Most recently, she has taken on new challenges, managing a medical cannabis program for Aqualitas Inc, the 1st licenced producer in Canada to achieve organic (Clean Green) certification. 

Terri Finbow, RD, MScAHN


Core Committee Role: Newsletter Co-Manager

Terri initially started supporting the DNNS in 2013 with social media and has been managing the newsletter since 2015.

Role in the Dietetic Field:

Terri’s career as a Registered Dietitian is just getting started. She has attained a BSc and a MSc in Applied Human Nutrition from Mount Saint Vincent University, where she also completed an integrated internship education program and defended my master’s thesis. She wrote the fall 2020 sitting of the CDRE and has recently been notified that she is now fully licensed as a Professional Dietitian with the NSDA! During her academics she worked concurrently as a nutrition consultant and a group fitness instructor for a local gym, where she coached clients in establishing healthy habits and led exercise classes. She is currently employed as a Dietetic Technician with the NSHA in the Western Zone and as a contracting dietitian for a company called Meal Garden, where she develops meal plans, recipe collections, and programs for health practitioners who use the meal planning software for their practice.


What you might not know about Terri:

She loves to explore hiking trails, local craft breweries, and cute cafes in our beautiful province with her fiancé.

Lindsay Cormier, RD, MPH


Core Committee Role: Co-Manager of Website and Communications

Lindsay has been co-managing the website and responding to email inquiries since 2018.

Role in the Dietetic Field:

Lindsay has worked in various dietetic roles since 2011, including acute care in a northern BC hospital, chronic disease management in Pictou County, diabetes prevention and community nutrition in several Mi'kmaq communities throughout NS, and supporting community health and wellness in the Halifax area. Presently, Lindsay is utilizing her program planning and development skills to support the provincial primary health care system to provide better care for Nova Scotians. 


What you might not know about Lindsay:

Finally having enough space to start a small vegetable garden in 2015 has turned into a full-blown gardening obsession! If Lindsay is not tending to seedlings, hunting for slugs, or wondering how to preserve yet another squash, she is probably planning out what new crops to try next year. 

Lesley Seto, RD, MSc.A


Core Committee Role: Co-Manager of Website and Communications

Lesley joined the network in January of 2020 to connect with and support fellow dietitians.

Role in the Dietetic Field:

Lesley is a dietitian and yoga instructor working in her own private practice. In her practice, she helps her clients develop tools and techniques to live more comfortably in their body and get in tune with the body’s healing potential. She works with her clients using a root cause approach to nutrition to get rid of digestive symptoms, manage inflammatory and autoimmune conditions (arthritis, IBD, thyroid conditions, etc.), and balance women’s hormone related concerns (acne, PMS, PCOS, menopause).


What you might not know about Lesley:

She enjoys learning about and using tarot and oracle cards, working with energy of crystals, the moon and astrology. While many would consider these practices a bit “woo-woo”, she finds much joy in using these techniques to support self-reflection and self-improvement. Lesley has also begun diving into herbal medicine for women and herbal medicine making

Hayley Ewing, RD


Core Committee Role: Co-Manager of Social Media

Hayley recently joined the network in 2020 as the social media chair, working to get a Facebook group up and running to give NS Dietitians a place to network, learn from each other, and share events, job or volunteer opportunities. If you’re not already a member of the Facebook group just search ‘Dietitians
Network of Nova Scotia’ and request to join. We would love to have you and any friends or colleague you can invite too!

Role in the Dietetic Field:

Hayley has worked as a retail dietitian with Atlantic Superstore for 4.5 years since graduating university from MSVU. Having worked in the grocery store as a part time job, she knew this was exactly where she wanted to start her career – helping clients with meal planning, shopping and cooking for their family’s.


What you might not know about Hayley:

She loves to get outside no matter the time of year – kayaking and hiking in the summer to snowshoeing in the winter. Anywhere she can bring her dog she will!

Shae A. Elaun

Core Committee Role: Newsletter Co-Manager

Shae started with the DNNS in September 2020 with updating the Find a Dietitian function on the DNNS website. She  has now taken on the role as Co-manager of the Newsletter. She collates, reviews, edits and updates the DNNS newsletter on a monthly basis.

Role in the Dietetic Field:

Shae is currently a registered dietitian in training! She is currently pursuing her dietetic internship to earn her credentials and practice in the future as a culinary dietitian.

What you might not know about Shae:

She is a food lover and a great chef with a passion for food. She enjoys hiking, playing the piano, practicing mindful meditation and cooking.




Evelena Beaton, RD


Core Committee Role: Manager of Dietitian Spotlights

Evelena recently joined the Core Committee in late January 2021, taking on the role of managing the RD spotlight section. It has been a great way for her to connect with dietitians across our province.

Role in the Dietetic Field:

After a short stint in oncology following her internship Evelena began working in geriatrics. Over the last 17 years she has worked in various managerial and clinical roles in both LTC and Enriched Care. A few years back she started her private practice as a way to support people of all ages live their best life. She places a great deal of focus on mindset and self talk with her clients so as to better understand their affect(s) on eating and activity habits. She truly believes if you change your thoughts you change your life!

What you might not know about Evelena:

Evelena is blessed with 4 daughters and can be found at any hockey rink across the province watching her girls play. In her spare time she practices yoga, loves hiking, baking and enjoying her husband’s cooking!

Brianna Kean, RD


Core Committee Role: Co-Manager of Social Media

Brianna joined the DNNS core committee in March 2021. As social media co-manager, she supports sharing and engagement in the growing Facebook group for Nova Scotia dietitians.

Role in the Dietetic Field:

Brianna began her career in nutrition in patient food services management. She worked in various supervisor roles for 2 years before beginning her current job as a retail dietitian with Loblaw in 2020. Brianna really enjoys helping her clients build a positive relationship with food and feel more confident in their food choices.

What you might not know about Brianna:

Brianna loves exploring the province with her little family and especially enjoys spending time outdoors. She loves how much Nova Scotia has to offer and how similar it is to her home province of Newfoundland (and also the slightly better weather).

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