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Spotlight on:

Carolyn Haverstock, RD

Renal Dietitian at Colchester East Hants Health Center, Truro

Carolyn has experience working in a variety of clinical
and community settings throughout Nova Scotia. In the past 8 years
she has specialized in renal nutrition with the Hemodialysis Unit at
the Colchester East Hants Health Center in Truro. Starting her
university education in her home province of Newfoundland at
Memorial University, Carolyn transferred to the Bachelor of Science
Applied Human Nutrition program at Mount Saint Vincent University
graduating with an Integrated Internship in 2003.
Growing up she enjoyed being in the kitchen and vegetable garden
with her parents; however, it was watching her grandmother live with
diabetes that truly piqued her interest in the field of nutrition. Her
passion for nutrition has evolved to translating nutrition
recommendations for patients in the most practical way possible.
Working in a clinical setting that requires patients to be very mindful
of their nutrition Carolyn strives to create a positive environment for
people to enjoy food. For her, this means focusing on what you can
eat instead of what you can’t. A positive mindset really is impactful!
Initiatives have included Taste and Learn sessions on the dialysis
unit, Christmas Dinners for patients and their loved ones and most
recently a vegetable garden on the hospital property to provide
produce for patients. These projects aim to increase the knowledge
and skills for cooking, recipe modification, label reading and food
Carolyn feels that one of the most rewarding parts of her job is being
able to provide care that has patients focusing on enjoying food
rather than their restrictions. “I’m so fortunate to be able to include
these initiatives as a part of my education and see the benefits of
engaging my patients in their nutritional care.”
Living with her husband, 3 children and 2 dogs in Fall River, Carolyn
maintains her passion to lead a healthy, active lifestyle. She loves
nothing more than a boot camp workout with her girlfriends or a hike
in the woods with her family. Other passions include cheering her
kids on in their sports, volunteering, reading, gardening, cooking, and
any activity related to snow!

What one food is always in your fridge /pantry/freezer?


Frozen Strawberries and I like them partially thawed best! I drove my
parents crazy growing up, as the strawberries they picked to last
through the winter would run out by Christmas. This was my biggest
craving in my pregnancies and if you come by the house any night you
will most likely catch me with a dish!


What is the best adventure you’ve been on?


Oh, this is a tough one, as I love to travel and have been fortunate to
visit many great places with the most special people in my life.
However, the most rewarding adventure is when I travelled with Team
Diabetes Canada to Edinburgh, Scotland to complete a half
marathon. I’m very passionate about Diabetes and completing the
training and fundraising while on my 3 rd maternity leave was
challenging but being part of a team that came together to support
such an important cause was nothing short of amazing. To top it off,
my father who lives with diabetes, was able to join me on this trip. I’m
so grateful for that time spent together!


Where would you most like to live?


In a perfect world that would mean splitting my time between Nova
Scotia and Newfoundland! The scenery, food culture and people in
both provinces just can’t be beat. As long as I have access to the
ocean air and snow, I’m a happy gal!

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