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Emily Glover

Spotlight on: Emily Glover, PDt 

Food Literacy Specialist, Halifax Public Libraries


Emily is a Registered Dietitian and professionally trained chef located in Clayton Park. Throughout her internships and career she has thrived while developing food and nutrition programming, and specializes in teaching healthy cooking classes for the local community. Emily has offered healthy cooking class with Sobeys Dietitians, Halifax Public Libraries, and for local Universities in Halifax both professionally and as a volunteer. Emily currently works as a nutrition instructor at Mount Saint Vincent University, and she has also started a new role as Food Literacy Specialist for Halifax Public Libraries. Here she is developing a program model that will address food literacy skills for all ages, reducing food insecurity within our community, and promoting healthy eating and nutrition.


What first sparked your interest in nutrition?

I started my career as an aspiring chef by attending culinary school in the Annapolis Valley. I was amazed by all aspects of the art form, and by food in general. My fascination with molecular gastronomy lead to more research into the world of food science. While I enjoyed my time as a working cook in various restaurants, I really wanted to be able to discuss food with the customers and share in their joy when discovering new tastes and ingredients. While researching more into the world of food science, I stumbled across the nutrition program at MSVU.  I realized that this career path could lead me to share my passion and knowledge of food and nutrition with my community.


If you weren’t a dietitian, what would you be? 

A cooking instructor! A dream of mine has always been to own my own amateur cooking school, which would be open to everyone. Food literacy is one of the most important skills to build at any age when it comes to health, food security and self-efficacy. Food and cooking instruction has been a constant in my career, which I hope will continue into the future.


What do you love most about your job?

My position as Food Literacy Specialist for Halifax Public Libraries is an absolute dream come true! In this role, I am building a framework for future library programming focused on food and nutrition. It is a combination of many of my passions including food literacy development, food security advocacy, nutrition education, and health promotion. 


What is one tip you could share with future/current dietitians? 

Find what makes you special and milk it for all that its worth. When you are truly passionate about something, it shines through in everything you do and say. When you convince yourself that you are an invaluable asset, other people will begin to believe it too.


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