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Spotlight on: Heather Lang, RD

Private Practice and Clinical Dietitian


In May, 2005, Heather received a Bachelor of Science from Saint Mary's University with a Major in Biology and a Minor in Psychology. She then continued her studies at Mount Saint Vincent University, where she completed a Bachelor of Science in Applied Human Nutrition (with integrated internship). Since 2009, Heather has worked part-time as a Clinical Dietitian with the Cumberland Health Authority. In 2010 she opened her private practice “Healthy Bites Nutrition” in Truro, where she provides individual and group nutrition education to community members. Heather’s goal is to help people live healthy “one bite at a time”.


Heather’s specialties include corporate wellness, community nutrition, healthy eating and nutrition workshops.


What is your favourite place to find new recipes?

I don’t follow recipes often; I tend to use them as guides or inspiration. I love cookbooks and have a large collection of them including everything from celebrity chefs to Dietitians of Canada.


What do you love most about your job?

I love the variety of work that comes with my job; I am not doing the same thing every day, which keeps me on my toes. I travel to three different sites within the Health Authority and look after outpatients, long term care residents and restorative care patients.


What is your favourite Nova Scotia food?

It’s pretty hard to choose because I love food! I would have to narrow it down to Digby Scallops and Lobster.


What is one tip you could share with future/current dietitians?

My comfort food is toast and almond butter. It can be a quick meal when you are on the run. My favorite I would tell them to keep an open mind about your career goals. I always said that I didn’t want to work in a clinical setting. I’ve been in clinical for 7 years and although it still isn’t my first choice, I still love my role and the challenges that come along with it.


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