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Spotlight on: Jayme Saint RD


Dietitian and Sobey's Professional


II have worked with Sobeys as a Professional Dietitian for 12 years with a growing team of dietitians.  Originally from Newfoundland, I decided to attend Memorial University of Newfoundland for 1 year before transferring to Acadia University.  Along with my Bachelor of Science in Nutrition, I also received a minor in Psychology.

What is your favorite food?

Just one?! J I have many!! A couple of them would definitely be beans and fish!  Just love them and so versatile!  And I definitely love my turkey dinner!  Can’t decide!



What is one tip you could share with future/current dietitians?

To be confident in what you know and what you do as the nutrition expert.  It can be difficult to prove credibility. 



What amazes you the most about you career choice?

 The ability to be a part of something that is a necessity of life.  To be able to help people to fall in love with food in a world that sometimes portrays food as the enemy.



Who or what inspired you to become a dietitian?

It’s always been a part of my life.  My dad has Type 1 Diabetes so health and wellness is all I have known.  I have always been passionate about food since a very young age and knew that becoming a dietitian was what I wanted to do.


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