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Spotlight on: Jayme Saint, RD 

Nova Physiotherapy

Jayme completed her Bachelor of Science in Nutrition from Acadia University and graduated from the Integrated Dietetic Program in 2004.  Since then, she spent almost 12 years working as a retail Dietitian both in St. John’s, NL and New Glasgow, NS.  She has since been practicing with an interdisciplinary team at Nova Physiotherapy in Timberlea, concentrating on individual counselling.  


Nutrition has always been a passion of Jayme’s since she was little.  Her dad has Type 1 Diabetes so understanding food and the body was an important part of her life.  Knowing what to do in life after high school was never an issue, it was always dietetics!


She loved group counselling at the retail level and having food handy to use.  Working as a dietitian in a grocery store was a rewarding opportunity to bridge the gap from education to the “now what?” for clients.  She enjoyed helping to clarify the pieces of the puzzle for her clients so that they were able to make better food choices.   


In 2017, Jayme moved to the city where she now works with a great team of health minded professionals at Nova Physiotherapy.  She is absolutely loving focusing on individual counselling and networking with other health professionals to improve the health of clients.  Jayme firmly believes having a better relationship with food would benefit the overall health and wellness for people.

What is your favourite place to find new recipes?

Rock Recipes!!  I have been following this page on facebook for a little while and just discovered actual cookbooks (I am truly an old soul)!!  And being from NL, it was an easy buy lol.  I love his cookbooks, the not so foreign ingredients, and the pictures to accompany the recipes.  I use these cookbooks ALL the time!


What is the biggest challenge you have faced in your career?  Proving credibility as a health care provider to people.  People are so quick to believe any information they read or hear and so going up against Oprah or Dr. Oz has been challenging sometimes :)


What is your favourite way to unwind? 

I love doing yoga.  I practice yoga daily and have loved every minute.  

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