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Spotlight on: Lindsay Boisvenue, P.Dt.


Lindsay has a BSc in Human Nutrition from St. Francis Xavier University. Since graduating in 2013, she has completed her Dietetic Internship with the Nova Scotia Health Authority where she continues to work as a Clinical Dietitian. She has experience in a wide variety of clinical and community nutrition settings, but is most passionate about helping her patients rediscover the joys of eating while attaining their best health. In addition to her love for all things food, she enjoys sports, outdoor activities, cooking, and playing music.

What is your favourite food?

Although I would like to think of myself as a "foodie," I always go back to my old faithful: pizza. A close second, however, would be pancakes, maple syrup and fresh fruit!

What is one tip you could share with future/current dietitians?

Always remember that you know more than you think you do. Be confident in your skills and abilities as a dietitian, and don't let anyone make you doubt yourself. You have worked hard to get where you are, and you will only get better with experience!


What amazes you the most about you career choice?

I am truly amazed at how much I continue to learn in this career. Working as a clinical dietitian, I am learning new things and developing new skills in areas that I didn't get to see during internship. There is so much opportunity for personal development and continue education , I look forward to what the future holds!

Who or what inspired you to become a dietitian?

My love for food and passion for health is what originally got me into this career path, however it was one of my professors during my fourth year at St. FX who truly inspired me to continue on my journey to become a dietitian. She often shared her own personal experiences as a dietitian, and the different areas she was lucky enough to work in. Her stories, guidance and compassion is what validated my decision to pursue this career and I'm very grateful that I did.

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