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5539 Young St. Halifax, NS, B3K 1Z7


As a dietitian and lactation consultant, Brittany blends science with compassionate care to support individuals on their feeding journeys. Grounded in empathy, she provides support to new caregivers, as they navigate the beautiful and sometimes challenging path of infant nutrition.


Brittany's goal is to gift you the joy and confidence to feed your baby and the space to block out all of the background noise.


Following her graduation from St. Francis Xavier University in 2010, Brittany went on to complete her dietetic internship in rural and city centres across Nova Scotia and Ontario. She is a lifelong learner and lover of charcuterie. In her spare time she can be found building community connections and spending time with her young family.

Brittany Brown, RD, CDE - Feeding Babies, Nourishing Souls


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