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Diana is an educator, Registered Dietitian & fitness guru. She is dedicated to enhancing your health and wellness with a personal and highly individualized approach to nutrition.

She is truly passionate about supporting others to lead a healthy and happy life with a focus on nutrition and lifestyle (body and mind).

She is dedicated to life long learning with 7 different degrees and certificates in a variety of fields of education including two Masters degrees. She loves to dive into the latest science and nutrition research.

Specialties include:
Women's Health, Aging, Menopause
IBS, Sports Nutrition, Mindful Eating,
Community based health programs,
Child and Youth & School Nutrition,
Research, Nutrition Consulting,
Heart Healthy, Weight Management
and Media work.

She has worked with Dalhousie University sports teams and spent a large part of her career focused on child and youth health in our schools. Currently she is supporting a diverse clientele in private practice.

She has experience volunteering for many organizations such as the Blue Nose Youth Run (which she started over 20 years ago), at local markets (a lover of locally owned businesses), or you can find Diana working in her large garden or alongside community based food organizations.

Reach out to work with Diana and dibbsondining today to learn to how best to support your nutrition and health with a realistic and simple approach to eating. All foods fit :)

Diana Dibblee, RD - Private Practice


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