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I am a vegan registered dietitian with 30+ years of experience in teaching plant-based cooking skills and nutrition coaching. I love helping people move towards a compassionate, more environmentally friendly and healthy eating pattern.


The Vegan for Life Method is an online group coaching and self paced learning program to help women in midlife and beyond transition to a healthy vegan eating pattern. The Once a Week Vegan Cooking Club is a weekly online group coaching club to help people transition to a vegan / plant based eating pattern one meal, one week at a time.


My husband, Mike, dog, Clair and I live on the east coast of Canada. Our sons are grown and flown so we are adjusting to this new stage of life! We love cooking together, hiking along the rugged coast with Clair, swimming in the ocean and socializing with friends and family over delicious plant-based meals!

Edie Shaw-Ewald, RD - Vegan for Life RD


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