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1226 Hollis St. Suite 101, Halifax, NS B3J 1T6


James currently works in private practice as an RD(c) and specializes in nutrition for sport and fitness. James values the importance of having a diet that is not only optimized for your athletic goals, but is also realistic, maintainable, and personalized to fit into your unique life. James understands the stress that comes with pursuing fitness goals or competing in high level sports, that is why he strongly believes your diet should be a simple and enjoyable part of the process. James will work directly with clients to make the best evidence-based adjustments to their nutrition and diet without the dreaded feeling of being over restricted. He is always excited to work with people at any stage of their fitness journey and athletes from all levels of sport who are looking to optimize their nutrition in a safe, healthy, and effective manner!

While not working, James spends a lot of his time being a highly dedicated combat sports athlete himself, fighting in sanctioned MMA bouts and competing in local Brazilian Jiu-jitsu competitions.

James Richardson, RD(c) - JM Nutrition


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