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Truro, NS - Contact for more information about in-person consultations


Jennifer has been a passionate culinary Registered Dietitian for almost three decades and her diverse career has taken her on a rewarding path. She has worked in the agriculture industry promoting local producers and commodities, with a non-profit society promoting breastfeeding and a family resource center delivering nutrition programming. She spent over 20 years in the retail grocery environment where she combined her passion for health with her love of food, cooking and eating to help clients use their grocery cart to make the best choice for their needs.


Jennifer is now channeling her passion for health and love of all things food into her private practise. Her worksite and group wellness presentations include engaging and interactive education sessions on general nutrition topics. Her personalized nutrition counselling focuses on a common sense approach to eating and health. Jennifer works with clients as they navigate their personal food journey, empowering them with practical food advice so they can eat for their health and enjoy every bite. 

Jennifer Ferguson, RD


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