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Meghan is a private practice dietitian based in Bridgewater. Meghan provides telephone and virtual appointments to clients of Eat Well Nova Scotia! Meghan understands that healthy eating is more than knowing what to do; it’s about helping people make those challenging life changes. Meghan’s thorough assessments are designed to help clients identify the root causes of their ailments and what may be holding them back from change. She works with clients to pinpoint actionable goals to start building a foundation of success. Meghan also provides medical nutrition therapy for the management of chronic and acute health issues.


Meghan has a master’s degree in nutrition and metabolism from the University of Alberta. She was a registered dietitian in family practice and children’s health research for 10 years in London, ON before moving home to Nova Scotia in 2020. As a parent of two exceptional children, Meghan understands that life can be complicated and it’s always better with the proper support.

Meghan Rombeek, MSc, RD - Eat Well Nova Scotia!


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