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In-person appointments are available in Dartmouth on Mondays at ProActive Health and Performance. As well as at Signature Health in Halifax upon request (timing is flexible).


As a dietitian, I specialize in health-focused weight management, chronic disease, exercise & sport nutrition. I'm on a mission to get people not only talking about 'what' to eat to live a healthful, happy life, but 'HOW' to do it.


Through my dietetic education, I became fascinated with the science of behaviour change and how it relates to what we eat. We all want to be healthy; whether it is for our kids or to live a long active life filled with experiences. So why is it so hard to actually make changes and eat healthier? That is what The Habitrition Dietitian is all about. Working WITH my clients to facilitate nutrition change and overcome barriers together.

Michael Manderville, RD - The Habitrition Dietitian


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