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*Virtual counselling also available to those in Ontario, Newfoundland and New Brunswick


Nicky completed an Honours Biological Sciences degree from the University of Windsor followed by a Bachelor of Sciences in Foods and Nutrition from Brescia University College, both in Ontario. She then went on to complete an accredited dietetic internship program through Hamilton Health Sciences and Dietitians of Canada. She has been a practicing dietitian since 2013.


Nicky has spent the majority of her career working in an intensive outpatient eating disorders service through London Health Sciences Centre (2013-2020), where she worked within an interdisciplinary team to help individuals overcome their eating difficulties by offering both individual and group-based education and counselling sessions following a CBT framework.


Nicky has moved to the East Coast and started her private practice, Nicky Otto Dietetics, with a focus on helping individuals improve their relationship with food, recover from eating disorders and disordered eating and stop the cycle of chronic dieting. She also supports individuals to improve their nutritional health by adopting health behaviours and tuning into their nutrition just that little bit more. She guides individuals looking for support in rebuilding a better relationship with food and their body and adopts an intuitive eating lens in her practice. She also assists individuals to eat more healthfully, balanced and sustainably without the constant push and pull of dieting and feeling deprived. Let's chat more.

Nicole (Nicky) Otto, RD - Nicky Otto Dietetics


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