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The links below do not necessarily reflect the ideas/beliefs of the DNNS. They are topics of interest to dietitians who work with the public and want to learn more.

Need a new cookbook? No? Neither did I really. But friends and fellow dietitians were raving about “Yum & Yummer” by Canadian Greta Podleski of “Looneyspoons”, and I couldn’t resist adding it to my collection! I have made 2 recipes from it in the past week and both were winners!

Do you follow Andy the RD on Instagram and facebook – he is an RD to watch! In this blog post he clears up some confusion around wild vs farmed fish:

I attended an “Exercise as Medicine” workshop in Halifax last fall. This past week I was fortunate again to see Dr. Jonathan Fowles from Acadia University present on ‘Exercise is Medicine’ at a Loblaw conference. As regulated health professionals, dietitians can become “Exercise as Medicine Canada” providers and promote and ‘prescribe’ basic exercise to our clients, colleagues and patients. If you have the opportunity to attend a workshop held by EIMC – I would highly recommend it!

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