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Eat, Read, Learn | August 2023

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Grilled and savoury peach dishes are an unexpected August treat!

Peaches are available in the Maritimes coming into August, and their rich sweetness pairs surprisingly well with tangy, salty Feta cheese! Here’s an easy but impressive-looking Mediterrenean salad with fresh peaches that would be perfect for a summer BBQ or cottage supper. A few peaches right on the grill is also a fun seasonal dessert topped with vanilla ice cream or vegan coconut whip – share your summer grill creations in our DNNS Facebook group this month!


GI symptoms in active clients

The Summer 2023 issue of Today’s Dietitian features a handy recap of fluid and carbohydrate needs for active people (especially in hot and humid weather) – but also notes how sports drinks and certain sugars can trigger GI symptoms, so hydration/fuelling plans need to be tailored to individual tolerance. For most effective results, fuelling must occur throughout the active person’s day, not as an afterthought immediately pre/post athletic exertion. This article also underscores the increased prevalence of IBS and other digestive issues in people with eating disorders, so provides screening tools for RED-S and other disordered eating patterns as another avenue of exploration for RDs treating active clients presenting with GI symptoms.


Open discussion of ED-informed support for patients choosing semaglutide therapy as a means of intentional weight reduction (Ozempic/Wegovy)

On May 9, 2023, eating disorder care specialist Shauna Melbourne hosted an informative and powerful open discussion around providing a HAES-aligned, ED-informed approach when working with patients prescribed semaglutide for weight reduction – how can the dietitian provide space for patient autonomy regarding semaglutide use while working to reduce the potential for harm and/or development of disordered eating behaviours? The participating RDs have varying personal stances on clinical use of semaglutide for intentional weight loss, so the resulting discussion is a valuable starting point for dietitians encountering increased semaglutide use by incoming patients. The recording of the session is available to Registered Dietitians via email request here.

Curated by Meredith Lapp, RD

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