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Instant Pot Renaissance!

Five years ago, the Instant Pot was all the rage – on Pinterest, in cooking classes, and in client requests for “Instant Pot ready meals”. Since then, the rising popularity of the air fryer, delivery meal kits, and the return to cooking-as-an-activity during the pandemic may have relegated your Instant Pot to the back of your pantry. At the Finding Each Other event, we jokingly determined it was time to rediscover the Instant Pot! Participants shared favorite recipes for traditionally long-simmering dishes like curries and pad Thai. Now the Instant Pot is in its third generation and includes popular features like air frying. Jump on to the DNNS Facebook page and share your favorite Instant Pot recipes with us!


A practical framework to determine the root cause of digestive discomfort

Most practicing dietitians will have heard the following from a bloated client: “I was told to just eat more fibre and drink more water, but now I feel worse!” The Bloated Belly Whisperer by American RDN Tamara Duker Freuman cuts through this frustration and provides practical, evidence-based means of identifying the root causes of digestive bloating – Freuman specializes in gastroenterology and lays out the 10 most common causes of “bloating” discomfort, from upper-gut culprits like gastroparesis, lower-gut sources like FODMAP intolerance, to nerve or muscle dysfunction resulting in motility-related chronic constipation. An easy-to-use nine question quiz guides clients and practitioners to describe bloating symptoms in detail, pinpointing possible strategies for immediate relief and paving the way to further investigation with the rest of the clinical care team.


Impact of hormones across the life cycle – fertility, pregnancy, menopause and beyond

Many Finding Each Other participants said that they were engaged in continuing education related to fertility/perinatal and menopause support, noting the relative lack of training in these areas during standard dietetic training. Some attendees had completed training from Melanie McGrice (an Australian RD with an international reputation for nutrition best practices for “the first 1000 days” of conception/pregnancy) through the Early Life Nutrition Alliance, and found these useful.

There’s definitely interest in the NS dietetic community to keep learning more about the complex relationship between all types of hormones (cortisol, sex hormones, insulin) and lifestyle/nutritional interventions that support their function. Stay tuned for upcoming educational events on these topics, or let us know on the DNSS Facebook page if you have completed training in this area that has been helpful.

Curated by Meredith Lapp, RD

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