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Eat, Read, Learn | September 2023

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September in Nova Scotia is a peak month for food tourism – apples and grapes are ready for harvest, and a slight chill in the evenings mean warm dishes like chowders and apple pie are back on the menu – even if we’re eating them on a heated patio! Check out the 2023 Taste of Nova Scotia culinary guide for local recipes, food events happening this Fall across the province, and a guide to what’s in season as we step into the Maritime harvest months.


Bionic pancreas FDA-approved in US for patients with Type 1 diabetes

An exciting new tool for people living with Type 1 diabetes has received FDA approval – the iLet bionic pancreas. The bionic pancreas requires far less user input and titration during operation, instead using just body weight, a Bluetooth-connected continuous glucose monitor (CGM), and AI-powered algorithms to deliver insulin doses every 5 minutes based on current blood glucose level and the user’s past blood glucose change in response to insulin dosi

ng. The adaptive nature of the device means future dosing can be highly customized to the user’s needs, and doesn’t require carbohydrate counting at meals. In research published in the New England Journal of Medicine in September 2022, the bionic pa

ncreas outperformed current insulin-delivery technology (manual injections and/or insulin pump) by stimulating an A1C reduction of 0.6% over 13 weeks compared with no change in the control group using current pump technology. The iLet is available in the US to adults and children over 6 living with Type 1 diabetes.


ASPEN Malnutrition Awareness Week is September 18-22 (US)

There is a great slate of webinars available from ASPEN in recognition of Malnutrition Awareness Week in the US. Check out the ASPEN events website for schedule and registration details – session topics include recognizing malnutrition in patients with obesity, paediatric malnutrition, complexities with addiction, and more. Note that Malnutrition Awareness Week is observed in Canada in the first week of October – a joint panel presentation sharing awareness strategies with experts from both countries is occurring September 28, between the two weeks of events. You can register for the joint event and see continuing-education opportunities from both sides of the border here.

Follow the DNNS Facebook group for more new foods, thought-provoking reads, and continuing education opportunities – and please share your own contributions as well!

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