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The links below do not necessarily reflect the ideas/beliefs of the DNNS. They are topics of interest to dietitians who work with the public and want to learn more.

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EAT: If you are like many people today, you seek out more products that are made in Canada, and Nova Scotia, in order to support local businesses, reduce your impact on the environment, etc. Taste of Nova Scotia is an organization devoted to all things food and eating in Nova Scotia. They host events across the province, and promote NS products. Did you know, they have an online store, where you can purchase gift baskets filled with NS products? My favourite is the large breakfast basket- filled with Made with Local oats, NS maple syrup, valley apple chips, locally roasted coffee, preserves and more! This will be my new go-to for my next gift basket purchase- no more baskets filled with imported sugary, salty processed foods! Check it out here and support Nova Scotia businesses!

READ & LEARN: Many health advocates, especially dietitians, believe in the saying ‘You are what you eat.’

Beyond physical health, how does food affect our mental health? There has been tremendous interest recently, in the relationship between our food intake, gut microbiota and overall and mental health. Researchers at the university of Lublin, Poland, have begun a 12-week randomized, placebo-controlled trial, to assess the efficacy of both probiotic supplements (Bifidobacterium longum & Lactobacillus helveticus) and a gluten-free diet, comparing the effect of both interventions and their combination, in 116 adults with major depressive disorder (MDD). Results of this study should be available in 2021.

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