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If you have a blog, book, or online course that you would like to share with your fellow network members, please forward information to Coleen at:


The Halifax Public Libraries are doing fantastic work for our communities, and incorporating food literacy, snack time, healthy lunch-to-go programs at multiple locations. Their Teen2Chef 10-week programs offered during December are full! Learn more about Halifax Public Library Food Programs.

And if you are curious about other food events happening this month, from food drives, to mobile food markets, to gourmet dinners at Sugar Moon Farm, a list of offerings is here: December Food Events in NS


ICYMI (In case you missed it!), Yoni Freedhoff’s recent Weighty Matters blog summarized the recently released Canada's Obesity in Adults Clinical Guidelines which finally acknowledges obesity as a complex, chronic illness that is not solely related to excess body fat, and that a client-centred, evidence-based approach to managing obesity is needed.

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