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In case you want a sweet treat for Valentine’s Day that isn’t chocolate, I’d like to share a hidden gem that Vietnam has been keeping: coconut coffee.

Simply put, you blend ice, coconut cream and sweetened condensed milk together to create a slushy consistency, and then pour strong coffee over top. It takes all my will not to drink these once a week.


Have you read fellow Canadian dietitian Abby Langer’s new book: Good Food, Bad Diet? Great for dietitians and clients alike, this book gives an honest perspective on diet culture. Share your thoughts on our Facebook page: Dietitians Network of Nova Scotia.

Can we feed our children the same healthy food as adults? The Society for Nutrition Education and Behaviour thinks so. Children 2-14 years old require smaller portions, but don’t need to eat entirely different meals than adults. Processed kids menus have remained in our society since the Prohibition era, when restaurants expanded their menus to appeal to children, hoping to offset lost revenue from alcohol. Dietitians play a key role, and can promote change at the individual, family or community level.

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Wellness Programs:

Nova Scotia Health offers a variety of online wellness programs for adults of all ages to help them manage and improve their health and well-being.

The wellness sessions are offered in a friendly group setting using Zoom for Healthcare, and are facilitated by trained volunteers and health care professionals. By offering all of the programs online, Nova Scotia Health is able to reach people across the province.

Most sessions are an hour in length, and generally consist of a presentation, followed by a moderated group discussion. The programs are free and open for anyone who lives in Nova Scotia. A valid Nova Scotia health card number is required to register for most programs.

These programs will help empower individuals in the areas of Reducing Your Health Risks, Healthy Eating, Physical Activity, Mental Wellness and Parenting.

Visit to see a full list of the online wellness sessions available and to register online.

Please promote these programs to your friends, families, colleagues, patients and clients.

Curated by Caroline Spurr, RD


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