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Have you heard of the YouTube channel, ‘Pick up Limes’? It’s a channel about vegan food and nutrition, offering ideas about healthy eating and meal prep tips.

➢ Check out the channel Here

➢ Watch ‘Meal Prep on a Budget’ (11 min):

Move over tofu, and make room for soy-free tofu! Have you tried soy-free tofu? Simply put, it’s tofu made from chickpeas.

It’s got a few notable benefits:

➢ Suitable for people with soy or gluten allergy

➢ You don’t have to press it! (quick and easy just got quicker and easier)

➢ Read more here


The Covid-19 pandemic has caused world hunger to climb.

➢ The prevalence of undernourishment has increased from 8.4% in 2019 to 9.9% in 2020. That’s approximately 720-811 million people.

➢ Almost 1 in 3 people didn’t have access to sufficient food in 2020. That’s about 2.37 billion people.

➢ Read about the state of food security in the world:

On January 21, 2022, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics released ‘Academy Position on Prevention of Pediatric Overweight and Obesity’.

Main points:

➢ Prevention measures are necessary for many settings including:

Family homes: More efficacy for diet and physical activity intervention has been found for preschool-aged children (5 years or younger), and may be less effective for older children. Dietitians can encourage parents to involve their children in planning, shopping and preparing food.

Health care: Dietitians can promote healthy weights by educating other health care providers about the importance of children’s eating habits and routines.

Schools: More efficacy for intervention has been found for younger children (6-12 years old), and may be less effective for older children (13-18 years old). Dietitians can promote healthy eating via school meals, garden programs, school wellness policies and by advocating at the higher provincial school levels.

Communities: There have been few studies evaluating community-based interventions, aside from schools. This gap in the research, especially for children aged 13-18, is an opportunity for dietitians to advocate for interventions that target parents - the gatekeepers of their children’s diets.

➢ *Not in the article: In Canada, 30% of children aged 5-17 are overweight or obese (2017).

Childhood overweight and obesity aren’t unique to North America - it’s worldwide. For instance, look at the situation in Vietnam:

In Vietnam, 19% of children are overweight and 8.1% obese (2020).

➢ 39% increase in sales of carbonated drinks (2014-2019).

➢ 34% increase in sweet snack sales (2014-2019).

➢ 28% increase in savory snack sales (2014-2019).

➢ 41% of secondary and high schools don’t have a sports ground.

➢ Vietnam has less government policies in place (e.g. front-of-package labels) to combat childhood overweight and obesity.


Looking for a boost in your counselling skills?

Sign up to earn a Motivational Interviewing Certificate

Online training with group coaching calls occurring from March 21 - May 7, 2022.

The fee is $329 (before March 4) or $349 (after March 4).

In case you missed it: Farm and Food Care P.E.I. hosted virtual farm tours streamed on Facebook and YouTube on February 22, giving us an inside look at farmers and their food production.


➢ A P.E.I. turnip and carrot farm

➢ An Ontario beef farm

➢ A hog farm from Saskatchewan

Curated by Caroline Spurr, RD


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