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Free Digital Cookbooks:

Need new inspiration for that slow-cooker? How about getting more fruits and veggies in? Want to try to eat more plant-based? Is it tricky to come up with kid-approved recipes? Check out these family-friendly cookbooks designed by researchers of the Guelph Family Health Study, a longitudinal study aimed at helping families and children establish healthy habits. These 6 handy digital cookbooks are great for yourself and clients. Ingredients are simple and nutrition facts tables are included. They are PACKED with delicious recipes and FREE to download here.


Diet Culture in Vietnam:

Weight and body image in Vietnamese culture are not so different from the world: thinness = attraction, happiness and health. There is a Vietnamese proverb that says “a woman with a bee’s, or small, waist is good at raising children and pleasing husbands”. It’s not abnormal for Vietnamese women to be asked about when they will get a husband, just as it’s not abnormal to be pressured to stay thin. Take a glimpse into Vietnamese diet culture here.


Vitamin D Fortification:

Health Canada recognizes the need to increase vitamin D fortification limits in many products, including plant-based beverages. This is the latest interim (temporary) policy, revised in May 2022, permitting fortified plant-based beverages to contain higher levels of vitamin D. Now, plant-based beverages can contain the same amount of vitamin D as cow’s and goat’s milk: 2 µg/100 mL serving. Read more here.

Curated by Caroline Spurr, RD


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