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Updated: Aug 30, 2022

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Coconut Sugar: Just Another Sugar

Have you heard that coconut sugar is suitable for people with diabetes? Since it is less processed, it retains some naturally occurring nutrients, including inulin (fibre). It is even considered a low glycemic index (GI) food. While inulin and low GI foods are considered beneficial for people with diabetes, coconut sugar is not the solution. Gram for gram, coconut sugar contains the same calories as table sugar.

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Besides that, coconut sugar is a tasty addition to recipes in place of other sugars. It has a rich, caramel taste and is suitable for many Asian dishes like curry or Pad Thai.


Stop Yo-Yo Dieting and Build Self-Love:

If you work as a nutrition counsellor, specifically for weight loss or health at every size, your clients may find extra inspiration by reading BARE by Susan Hyatt. Don’t be fooled by the ‘7-week program’ title and ‘certified life coach’ credentials of the author. This book is actually filled with helpful reminders and body-positive advice.

Hyatt aims to help rebuild trust, confidence and self-love in one's body. After yo-yo dieting for years, Hyatt ended her own struggles after seeking advice from a weight loss counsellor who advised her to choose love. Perhaps the story will resonate with your clients trying to break a similar cycle of dieting.

Hyatt’s 7-week ‘program’ includes:

  1. Clean up your environment

  2. Add pleasure to your day

  3. Eat with attentiveness

  4. Exercise with love

  5. Declutter your closet

  6. Detox your mind

  7. Show up and be seen


Carbon Dioxide Levels and Declining Plant Nutrients:

Greenhouse gasses are a problem - we know this. But did you know that currently, carbon dioxide (CO2) levels are 421 parts per million (ppm)? Scientists have warned that Earth’s threshold of CO2 is only 350 ppm, and passing this threshold will put our planet in the danger zone of climate change. Higher CO2 levels can help some plants grow faster but may deplete them of their important nutrients. If you have 10 minutes, watch this TED talk about nutrients that could be in danger and why it matters. Read more about why CO2 levels matter here.

Curated by Caroline Spurr, RD


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