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Curious What I Eat in a Day?

Not so fast! A growing trend on TikTok is ‘What I Eat in a Day’ videos or #WIEID or #WIEIAD. Are these videos helpful or hurtful? Tune into ‘What The Actual Fork Podcast’ by Registered Dietitians Sammy Previte and Jenna Werner to explore this topic more and check out this episode.


Canada’s FIRST sugar tax

Newfoundland and Labrador will be the first province in Canada to adopt a sugar tax for sugar-sweetened beverages. All beverages that have any form of sugar in their ingredients list will be charged a tax at $0.20 per litre. The only exemption is for coffee shops - you can still order coffee with sugar without paying the tax. Read more here, here and here.

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High-Dose Vitamin C in Septic Adults in ICU

Vitamin C is an antioxidant, but is more better? In short, this study concludes it probably isn’t. They found that more patients died when given IV vitamin C (50mg/kg every 6 hours for 96 hours) compared to the placebo group. For a 60kg individual, that’s 48,000mg of vitamin C over the course of 4 days. Read more here.


Free Clinical E-Learning

Nestle Nutrition Institute offers a range of free e-learning courses for dietitians. Courses mainly target the pediatric population. Topics Include: pediatric nutrition and growth, cancer, surgical nutrition intervention, microbiota, malnutrition and more! Learn more here.

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