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So, we still have loads of summer left to enjoy (let’s hope August is a little nicer than unsettled July!). Why not check out some of the recently reviewed food and beverage options around the Halifax area. Recently reviewed by ‘That Backpacker’ blogger Audrey, Where to Eat in Halifax has several restaurants, breweries, and even a boat dinner cruise. Time to get out and explore your own culinary back yard!


Looking to sharpen your toolkit for your practice, or just increase and maintain your

nutrition knowledge? Look no further than Learning on Demand from DC. They have a variety of online courses, from paediatric nutrition, to tube feeding, to learning about cannabis. Available to both members and non-members of DC.

Another great place to check out is the Dietitian Success Centre, which offers access to several courses on a variety of topics. They operate using a monthly or annual membership, which gives you access to their collection of courses for a pretty low rate.

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