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Child and adolescent obesity: part of a bigger picture.

Scary news as we now know how fast childhood obesity is rising. Login for the full article.

Dietitians Debunk Some Crazy Popular Diets

Fun video by two dietitians who debunk some common myths about diets. Check it out and share with your nutrition friends/clients.

Half of Americans' Calories Come From 'Ultra-Processed' Foods

No surprise here, our Canadian diet also contains a huge number of processed foods (62% of our diet).

Eat healthier one meal at a time, Dietitians of Canada says

Great article on the best from DC's Nutrition Month.

Size counts! Package, plate, and portion sizes can influence how much you eat.

Great tips for portion control. We are way out of whack on what we are served in most restaurants, these are simple tips and good reminders.

Smart Stocks for the Kitchen.

Love Rosie's sensible and easy to understand posts. In this one, she shares a great list for stocking up!

Voice-controlled nutrition tracker may aid weight loss

This app will be the way of the future once they get the bugs fixed. A voice activated nutritional app will record what you ate for calories and other nutritional info!

Edible cutlery, these decompose in 4-5 days!

Something for consumers to think about!

Cocoa Nut Balls

These look delicious: energy dense.

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