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The links below do not necessarily reflect the ideas/beliefs of the DNNS. They are topics of interest to dietitians who work with the public and want to learn more via the latest Buzz.

Blogs- The latest news!

The latest on the use of GMOs and how they are not fulfilling their promise of better yields and reduced use of pesticides. Excellent resources on this blog!

Excellent resource

LOVE this sugar overload calculator. Share with family and clients alike to support their understanding of just how much sugar is in common and familiar house hold products.

Science news

The Healthy Eating Strategy the Canadian government is proposing.

Great article summarizing some of the changes that Health Canada wants to propose to support healthy eating in Canada.

Take part in Health Canada's consultation for the new FOOD GUIDE.


Left over pumpkin? This is a great recipe to try with whole grain flour, oats, maple syrup and a little olive oil.

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